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Reiki Collection
The Reiki healing symbol "Cho Ku Rei" is handcrafted & embossed on silver, copper or bronze shapes. Size is approximately 1 inch. Available in disk, pyramid, teardrop or ovoid shapes. All earrings are $42 with the exception of Copper Moon which is $52.
Copper Moon design is a silver disk over a textured larger copper disk. Specify shape and metal when ordering.
Reiki charm gemstone bracelets are available with silver, bronze or copper "Reiki" charms. Available in chakra gemstones including: garnet, carnelian, citrine, malachite, yellow jade, turquoise, lapis lazuli, amethyst and also lava stone, rosewood, rose quartz, snowflake obsidian, blue lace agate, red jasper. Bracelets $32 each

Broken Heart Collection
These silver metal clay handcrafted pendants were inspired by the song..."How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?' by the BeeGees. Wear to honour the loss of a loved one, revealing the incredible impact they had on your heart and to reflect the resiliency of the human spirit to carry on. Hearts are approximately 1.5 to 2 inches and come with a 30 inch chain.
$125 each
Om Braclet Collection
These bracelets have a handcrafted bronze metal clay charm with an om symbol.
Available in Lava stone, Rosewood, Amethyst, Flourite, Garnet or Chrysocolla.
$32 each.
Tribal Collection - shaped and handcrafted from Bronze Metal Clay. Fired at 1550 to create solid bronze jewelry.

Tribal Diana
$80 each
Tribal Warrior Shield - Patina, Violet or Black finish - $80 each
Celtic Collection
Celtic Cross - $80
Blue Celtic Freida - $42
Blue Celtic
Remmy - $42
Green Celtic
Remmy - $42
The Jewelry Store
Orders over $50 include free shipping. To place your order email, etransfer accepted.
Ships within 7 to 10 days standard shipping via Canada Post. Orders under $50 shipping fee is $3.
Eclectic Collection
Amber Lara $52
Filigree Tear $32
Flourite Iris $42
Amber Om $52
Cubic Zirconia
Royal Anne $120
Goddess - $42
More jewelry to come!
Blue Paisley $52
Green Paisley $52
Blue Curly Sue $42
Blue Wanda $52
Bear $42
Flourite Lara $52
$80 each
Tribal Heart 
Tribal Moon
Tribal Ginny with
Amber Crystal
Tribal Vesta with
Tiger Eye
Tribal Fiona
Tribal Artemis
$80 each
Stitched     Wide Open    Patched     Keyhole     Spirit     Stitched2
  SOLD                             SOLD
Memorial Pendants

Wear your loved one close to your heart.
These one of a kind pendants are designed with your loved one's cremains in a spiral to represent the spiral of the galaxy and how we return to spirit in the ever growing universe. We never die, we are just transformed into another form of energy.

Pendants are available with a black or clear background and ashes are encased with an overlay of iridescent clear glass. The fused glass pendant is wrapped with sterling silver wire . Pendant measures 1 and 1/8 inches across. Pendant only $60.

Immortalize your loved one in glass and wear next to your heart. Parents can be blended into one pendant, as well as pets.

To order, contact 403-801-1582 for instructions on sending ashes.